Tanning Treatments

A great tan instantly makes you look and feel better.  At Tava we have a range of great tanning treatments to give your whole body that healthy glow.  You can either use our sunbeds, or alternatively opt for one of our Vani-T spray tanning treatments.

To ensure your flawless tan ,it is important to have a thorough exfoliation prior to the treatment, do not apply and make-up, moisturiser or make up, and wear loose clothing for afterwards. Waxing or shaving should be done at least 24hrs prior to the tan.

Vani-T Tan

Vani-T ‘Velocity ‘Spray Tan (fast developing time!)  £29.00

Sunbed Tanning

Over 18 years only

6 mins – £7.50

9 mins – £10.50

12 mins – £13.50

15 mins – £16.50